Installation FAQ for NOLF 1.006
Game installation:
Install Nolf v1.001 from CD
Install Nolf v1.004 GOTY from CD
Needed unofficial updates:
Update to 1.006 - Modernizer
Custom Map Pack
Known Issues:
Invalid Cshell.dll File
NolfRevival version will not work online
NolfRevival version will not load 1.006 - Modernizer
Nolf will not run in windows 10
Nolf couldn't set D3D Emulation mode
Nolf keeps showing graphical errors (flickering)






NolfRevival multiplayer
As some of you may have noticed when trying to connect to a online multiplayer server...'>

This doesn't work and you get the dreaded Invalid Cshell.dll error. Or you are trying to load the v1.006 update, but the game still run at v1.004


There is however a perfectly good reason for that with this version though, being that they modded it with a built-in widescreen patch that changes game version


The modified Nolf.exe will look for a file named WidescreenGOTY.rez that is located in the very bottom of the NOLF base directory



The quick fix for this is to delete WidescreenGOTY.rez from your system.

You will only be able to use this file if a server also runs it or in singleplayer. I would rather use 1.006 for singleplayer as well


If you want to remove all traces of it, get a different v1.004 nolf.exe.

As long as WidescreenGOTY is gone, it won't matter.


















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