Installation FAQ for NOLF 1.006
Game installation:
Install Nolf v1.001 from CD
Install Nolf v1.004 GOTY from CD
Needed unofficial updates:
Update to 1.006 - Modernizer
Custom Map Pack
Known Issues:
Invalid Cshell.dll File
NolfRevival version will not work online
NolfRevival version will not load 1.006 - Modernizer
Nolf will not run in windows 10
Nolf couldn't set D3D Emulation mode
Nolf keeps showing graphical errors (flickering)






Install Nolf 1.004 Game of the Year edition
If you have one of these 3 covers, then you're the lucky owner of a game of the Year edition




This version of NOLF should run just fine when installing directly from CD in windows 10.
The other advantage is that you will jump directly to version 1.004
The game should also be able to run without a No CD patched exe file in windows 10



The next first step is simple enough, assuming that you have a cd/dvd rom. If not click here


If the cd doesn't start by itself like mine, browse for your cd (non english language obviously, sorry)


Nolf welcomes you, click Next


If you would want to install Nolf elsewhere click Browse and select a different location, otherwise click Next


Choose a normal installation and click Next


Adding shortcuts, click Next


The game will now start to install itself and will stop when it needs the second cd.
When it does, change cd and click Ok


Files are now installed, click Finish


Ofcourse you want a picture of Cate Archer on your desktop, click Yes or No


Installation is now complete, click Close










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