Installation FAQ for NOLF 1.006
Game installation:
Install Nolf v1.001 from CD
Install Nolf v1.004 GOTY from CD
Needed unofficial updates:
Update to 1.006 - Modernizer
Custom Map Pack
Known Issues:
Invalid Cshell.dll File
NolfRevival version will not work online
NolfRevival version will not load 1.006 - Modernizer
Nolf will not run in windows 10
Nolf couldn't set D3D Emulation mode
Nolf keeps showing graphical errors (flickering)






Update to v1.006 - Modernizer
First of all, a big thanks to Hey Jake for putting down so much time and effort in updating the game!

This update will provide a bunch of fixes for various issues newer computers and operating systems have with Nolf.


For a full list of changes and download, check author's website below



Or From this site: Modernizer 1.006 patch3.1



To open 7-zip files (7z), you'll need a program such as Z-zip or Winrar. I will be using Winrar at this time.


The installation will replace a couple of files such as Lithtech.exe,, defctrls.cfg. If you worry about breaking the game, you could make a copy of the whole nolf folder first. I have no issue running both versions though.


Right click the newly downloaded file;



Browse to where your No One Lives Forever installation is located. Mine is in a custom location (G:\NOLF). I just tagged the NOLF folder.



Then hit extract


Overwrite when asked, and you're done with installing


You may have to set compatibility or run nolf.exe as administrator in order to save settings ingame as well

I never had to do this but I hear others have struggled with this.


Right click NOLF.EXE and choose Properies, then choose Compatibility



Make sure to set compatibility to Vista, not XP


Now start the NOLF launcher and hit Advanced



Click Customize



Then add Modernizer on the right side by double clicking it on the left side



Check the Always load these reziles and hit Ok


Update is now loaded, and you can start the game.









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