Installation FAQ for NOLF 1.006
Game installation:
Install Nolf v1.001 from CD
Install Nolf v1.004 GOTY from CD
Needed unofficial updates:
Update to 1.006 - Modernizer
Custom Map Pack
Known Issues:
Invalid Cshell.dll File
NolfRevival version will not work online
NolfRevival version will not load 1.006 - Modernizer
Nolf will not run in windows 10
Nolf couldn't set D3D Emulation mode
Nolf keeps showing graphical errors (flickering)






Invalid Cshell.dll


This is a very common error when it comes to mods or failed update installations. It means that the server you are trying to connect to is running a different game version than you are.


Not all mods will change game version, but the ones with a altered Cshell.dll located inside the mod's rezfile will.
Examples here would be:


• Widescreen patches
• VR patch
• Singleplayer mods that are still loaded
• Anti cheat mods


There are also mods such as 'JAG Sniper Hell' that will not affect version at all.


A good example for this would be the version of NOLF, where they made the game load a widescreen patch.
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