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Knix's Raceway
Game:No One Lives Forever 2
Team Deathmatch
I FINALLY finished it. I apologize to everyone for making you wait forever, but due to many uncontrollable circumstances I've had to wait. No regrets though, because I've had time to make the final cut even better. I'd like to personally thank the following people for the tremendous help without which, this map wouldn't be possible:
Thanks to Belladonna and Eliteone for helping me test and fix hosting problems with the map. Hopefully they still plan to host it on Unity customs, but I don't know. BTW, I love you guys
I'd also like to thank the following people for their assistance/tutorials in DEdit: NeoBahamut, Johnny LaRue, URA, and especially [DIH]Ted and Spawn.
Thanks to {BAB}METAL for snowmobile testing and EVERYONE who beta tested...your names escape me at the moment, but you know you are! Special thanks to [FF5]KNIX for inspiring me to make this map.
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