Frequently Asked Questions
This is an attempt to answer the most frequently asked questions for the nolf games.


Where is my Custom button?

There are mainly 2 reasons why your Custom button will not show..

1. There are no mods in you Custom\Mods directory

2. The registry entry has a invalid installdir value

3. Update 1x3 might not be installed

Click your windows button, and type in Regedit

Then browse HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE --> SOFTWARE --> WOW6432Node --> Monolith Productions --> No One Lives Forever 2
and click the 1.0 folder.

This picture is modified to show the whole path:

Check the InstallDir key if it has the correct value, this path should point to your game folder where Lithtech.exe is.

If this value is wrong, double click the InstallDir key and correct it to where your game is installed

Default is: C:\Program files (x86)\Fox\No One Lives Forever 2\

Nolf2 didn't include multiplayer in the inital release, this was added in a later patch. Update 1.3 also includes previous patches including multiplayer and updated version of nolf2.exe.
If this update is missing, your launcher will still be version 1.0 and will not display a custom button.






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