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This is an attempt to answer the most frequently asked questions for the nolf games.


Update to v1.4 - Modernizer

First of all, a big thanks to Hey Jake for putting down so much time and effort in updating the game!
This was not a easy task and he spent countless hours on this update. Thanks to this patch, you can now join online servers from within the game again.

This update will provide a bunch of fixes for various issues newer computers and operating systems have with Nolf 2.

For a full list of changes and download, check author's website below:

Or From this site:

Modernizer2 Beta 2c (v.1.4)

To open 7-zip files (7z), you'll need a program such as Z-zip or Winrar. I will be using Winrar at this time.

The installation will replace a couple of files such as Lithtech.exe, Nolf2Srv.exe and your Profiles folder. If you worry about breaking the game, you could make a copy of the whole nolf folder first. You will most likely have to replace your Nolf2Srv.exe with the old one to host v1.3 servers again.
You will also have to use your old Profiles folder as well.

Right click the newly downloaded file;

Browse to where your No One Lives Forever installation is located. Mine is in a custom location (E:\No One Lives Forever 2). I just selected this folder. The 7-zip file is arranged to extract the files into the correct folders

Then hit extract

Overwrite when asked, and you're done with installing

The Modernizer 1.4 was compiled with Visual Studio 2019 and the source code was updated to run with this compiler

This means that you also need to install 'Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015, 2017 and 2019 for it to work.

If you have newer games installed, it would most likely be installed on your computer already, but you can download it from microsoft by following the link below otherwise

Run nolf2.exe and Lithtech.exe as administrator in order to save settings ingame as well

Right click Lithtech.exe and choose Properies, then choose Compatibility

Now start the NOLF2 launcher and hit Custom

Make sure that Modernizer is checked.

Then hit ok to go back to the main launcher.

Update is now loaded, and you can start the game.






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