Frequently Asked Questions
This is an attempt to answer the most frequently asked questions for the nolf games.


Install NOLF2

As far as I am aware, there were no out of the box v1.3 release of No One Lives Forever 2, Some versions have a folder on the cd with the patch to upgrade. Or in some cases you may have a "personal backup" of the cds in the form of ISO files. In Windows 10 you double click those to add a fake CDrom.

I have seen the game in these 2 editions:

The game installs from a 32 bit installer, so it should run just fine in windows 10.

When you insert the CD it would be set up to run Autorun.exe like most other games from that era.

So you hit install to start.

It will greet you with the Installshield installer, running fullscreen with a background image. Click Next to continue

And it makes you agree to the license agreement who no one knows who own the rights for anymore

This is where you would choose a path different from C:\ if you have a chance to. Your system hard drive is most likely better protected from running old code than for instance D:\ would be if you have a second Drive or partition.

Lucky for me, I have drive E:\, so I clicked Browse and made a new folder for nolf2 there.

Then hit next

And it wants to add its start menu folder

Recommended setup type is still um.. recommended.

Unless you have been frozen in time the last 20 years, you should have a newer Direct X than what this offers. Doesn't really matter what you select here. I said yes just to be polite.

It will now start to copy Nolf2 over to your hard drive, and eventually it will ask for a cd 2, so switch disc and hit ok

It seems to have changed its mind and wants cd 1 again, no use in protesting. Just switch back and hit ok

And there is a new and exiting game trailer if you switch back to cd 2 again... Hit ok

There is nowhere to register this game these days, but creating a desktop shortcut is a good plan.

Unless you really want to reboot, click No

The first part of the setup is now done!




Upgrade to v1.3

The game recieved 3 updates after initial release, but you will only need the latest one of these.

Version 1.3 (February 6, 2003)

English version

German version

Spanish version

French version

Italian version

The version you choose should be the same language version as the initial NOLF 2 setup

When launched, click Next

Watch the files fly by...

And click Finish




Official multiplayer Map Packs

Since the base Nolf2 installation didn't feature multiplayer, maps were added as extra map packs.
You have 1MapPack001.rez that contains 9 deathmatch maps and 1MapPack002.rez that contains 7 Doomsday maps.

Check if your cd have a Patch folder included or download these 2 files:

Official Deathmatch maps

Official Doomsday maps

Then run both of these installers one at the time.

You should now have a full v1.3 version of the game installed.

Some minor tweaks

In newer operating systems, you will need to run both Lithtech.exe and Nolf2.exe as administrator, the game will not remember your profile if you don't.

Right click your NOLF2 shortcut on your desktop, then choose Open file location

Then Right click the selected file NOLF2.exe* and choose Properties

Click Compatibility then check Run this program as an administrator and hit Apply

Do the same operation with Lithtech.exe

The game should now work and run v1.3 retail

*This would be NOLF2 without the exe extension if hide extensions for known file types is checked in windows.






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