Frequently Asked Questions
This is an attempt to answer the most frequently asked questions for the nolf games.


When you run around in the game and the weapon keeps appearing and disappearing, same thing happens to other stuff around you. This could mean that your Autoexec.cfg file is corrupt.

This file contains a lot of configurations for your game:

"FarZ" "100000.000000"
"LodScale" "2.000000"
"CardDesc" "display"
"NormalTurnRate" "1.500000"
"DetailTextureScale" "1.0"
"ModelWarble" "0"
"LightModelSprites" "1"
"MaxModelShadows" "1.000000"
"ModelShadowProjRes" "128.000000"
"ModelShadowProjLOD" "1.000000"
"ScreenFlash" "1.000000"
"EnableRetailLevels" "1"
"EnvPanSpeed" "0.0035"
"ModelLOD" "2.000000"
"optimizesurfaces" "1"
"RunLock" "1"
"VS_SPRITES" "512"
"LightMap" "1"
"CrosshairStyle" "0.000000"
"Sound16Bit" "1"
(Just a part of the file)

Playername, key configurations, mouse settings, graphics settings, multiplayer settings etc..
Lithtech.exe will alter this file when you change your settings for the game.

The easiest fix to this is to back up your old autoexec.cfg, located in the nolf base folder.
Then replace it with a unaltered original that came with the game.

This will reset every setting to default.

Here is the original that followed the Nolf 1.004 GOTY cds






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