Frequently Asked Questions
This is an attempt to answer the most frequently asked questions for the nolf games.


Nolf vs USB devices

One of many things that the lithtech engine may not be familiar with is all the usb devices we have today.
There are so many devices and connectors today that didn't exist when Nolf was released

The game may have issues with some of these and will not even start when they are connected

Thanks to MrNuku & Ayleia from the AvP2 community there is a fix for this

The file "dinput.dll" fixes a common crash when you launch the game and any problems with keybindings.It limits how many USB devices that are reported to the game to prevent crash. Simply locate your No One Lives Forever installation. Default one would be "C:\Program Files\Fox\No One Lives Forever" And place the dinput.dll file in there.






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