Frequently Asked Questions
This is an attempt to answer the most frequently asked questions for the nolf games.


Missing sound Pain41.wav

This is a very common issue that I hear a lot of people run into, which will also result in getting kicked or failing to load 02BLIZZARD_AM.DAT and 05BEAUJOLAIS_AM.DAT in multiplayer.

This is caused by a missing rez file named nolfu003.rez

You most likely have it, but it doesn't load the way it should.

Check Startup.txt

Rez0 = "nolf"
Rez1 = "nolf.rez"
Rez2 = "nolf2.rez"
Rez3 = "nolfdll.rez"
Rez4 = "nolfl.rez"
Rez5 = "nolfu003.rez"
Rez6 = "nolfc001.rez"
Rez7 = "nolfc002.rez"
Rez8 = "nolfgoty.rez"

The file in a original installation of nolf 1.004 GOTY should look like this.
(This is also one of the main reasons for those 1 rez file versions of nolf out there)






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