Frequently Asked Questions
This is an attempt to answer the most frequently asked questions for the nolf games.


Invalid Cshell.dll

This is a very common error when it comes to mods or failed update installations. It means that the server you are trying to connect to is running a different game version than you are.

Not all mods will change game version, but the ones with a altered Cshell.dll located inside the mod's rezfile will. So will official updates.
Examples here would be:

Official updates
Widescreen patches
VR patch
Singleplayer mods that are still loaded
Anti cheat mods

A good example for this would be the version of NOLF, where they hard coded nolf.exe to load a widescreen patch named WidescreenGOTY.rez. In this case, the Cshell.dll inside WidescreenGOTY.rez will set game version.

Another issue that may have happened is that Lithtech.exe fails to load all the required rez files from Startup.txt

Rez0 = "nolf"
Rez1 = "nolf.rez"
Rez2 = "nolf2.rez"
Rez3 = "nolfdll.rez"
Rez4 = "nolfl.rez"
Rez5 = "nolfu003.rez"
Rez6 = "nolfc001.rez"
Rez7 = "nolfc002.rez"
Rez8 = "nolfgoty.rez"

This is the default list of Rez files (and order) that the game needs to load as v1.004. If you run the Modernizer 1.006 update, there should be another addition to the list:


Several of these REZ files contain a version of Cshell.dll, but the last one on the list would be the version that is finally used.

There are also mods (REZ files) such as 'JAG Sniper Hell' that will not affect version at all. But it override attributes and must be loaded last. In this case as rez no. 10.

You might also get this error message if you try to use modernizer 1.006 without having the 2015 or newer C++ Redistributables installed






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