NOLF Modernizer (Patch 1.006)

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NOLF Modernizer (Patch 1.006)

Post by Spawn » Mon Jan 06, 2020 5:09 pm

No One Lives Forever - Modernizer patch 1.006

This is a update for No One Lives Forever 1 that will fix many known bugs with newer operating systems and let you run the game in higher resolutions, and best of all... A brand New masterserver!

Many Thanks to Hey Jake! for putting so much time and effort into updating this fantastic game :yourock:


Key Changes

[*] Fixes slowdown with some UI elements (such as looking down scope, or picking items up)
[*] HUD scaling options for most HUD elements
[*] Replaced mouse input code for a more responsive experience
[*] Optional framerate cap to 60fps
[*] Optional 4:3 mode for cutscenes
[*] New Jukebox menu in Options
[*] Working multiplayer out of the box (New master server)
[*] Bumped version to 1.006.
[*] Patched out GameSpy from dedicated/hosted servers and the server browser.
[*] Fixed a bug in ai path finding causing values to not always be accurate.
[*] Fixed a silent out of range bug that could cause enemies to disappear and travel to a nearby galaxy at FTL speed!
[*] Made the console key rebindable. Added Big Head Mode! It's currently a little buggy, but humourous. Check the console command list on how to enable it.
[*] Included some patched binaries to help improve compatibility.
[*] Added a windowed mode toggle to the display options.
[*] Added anisotropic filtering to advanced performance options.
[*] Fixed shadows disappearing between cutscenes and saved games.
[*] Added a "Blackscreen Fix" work around for Intel HD graphics chips in Display options.

A new jukebox that will let you play all the different NOLF tunes

A brand new interface menu with framelimiter and other options.

Check out his website for more info and to download the patch.

For Italian translation: NOLF Modernizer Italian 1.006 Patch 3.1 (translated by Vecna & Gassosa)
For German translation: NOLF Modernizer German 1.006 Patch 3.1 (Updated translation by Icepick)

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