Ghostdog Surface Flags

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Ghostdog Surface Flags

Post by Spawn » Wed Jan 16, 2019 12:49 am


Surface flags influence the surface properties of a brush or texture.

You can edit the them by right-clicking on a surface while in Geometry Mode and selecting 'edit surface flags...' or by right-clicking a texture and selecting 'texture properties'. In the first case the flags only apply to this special surface, in the second case the will influence every surface you use this texture for.You can find them (and add new ones) in the 'surface.txt':

8: Electronics (computers, machines, with activation sound).
9: Chainlink Fence (masked metal).
10: Stone: Smooth (stone tile, concrete, ceramic, etc.).
11: Stone: Rough (outside stone, pebbles, rocks, etc).
20: Metal.
21: Tin (light metal; can shoot through).
23: trussing (masked metal).
30: Wood.
31: Drywall.
32: Wood: transparent (can shoot through).
40: Glass.
41: Bullet-Proof Glass.
70: Terrain: Dirt.
71: Terrain: Snow.
72: Terrain: Mud.
73: Terrain: Grass.
74: Terrain: Dirt Road.
80: Cloth.
81: Cloth (can shoot through).
90: Linoleum.
100: Wood Door (with activation sound).
101: Metal Door (with activation sound).
205: Force Field ().

(Reposted here for availability)


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