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Play NOLF2 in 2018

Post by Spawn » Sun Dec 16, 2018 7:17 pm

You figured that it was time to try if the game will even run today huh?
With some tweaking it actually will :thumb:

Step 1 - Install the game

Install the game from cd or ISO

Step 2 - Install official updates

As all official websites for the game is gone now (hide)
Here are links for the official updates for the game:

Official Update to 1.3
Update from v1.0 to v1.3 patch or or or

Official Map pack 1
For online gameplay you'll need this or or

Official Map pack 2
For online gameplay you'll need this or

Official Tools
Optional or or

Step 3 - Tweak the game a little

With the gamespy server down, there is nowhere to check if the cdkey is valid anymore, this halted the game for a while
until ßahamutZero came up with the LivesForever mod that will disable the check.
This mod needs to be loaded whenever you want to play or host server online.

LivesForever mod
Removes gamespy cdkey check

Put the extracted folder containing LivesForever.rez inside the folder "Custom-->Mods" in the game folder.

Next you'll need (atleast I had to) run Nolf2.exe as windows xp sp3 compatible and adminitstrator

Right click the Nolf2.exe file and do this:

Step 4 - Custom map pack

Spawnsite custom mappack (2019) custom map pack (2019)

both have the exact same content (415mb compressed)

Step 5a - Qtracker

Since gamespy is no longer around, others have taken their place. One of these services are

To setup Qtracker tutorial

Step 5b - Connect Without Qtracker

Alternative method is to create a bat file in the same directory as Nolf2.exe
You can make a empty document with notepad,
and then put this line of code in it to join a specific server: (in this case Unityhq's doomsday server)
NOLF2.exe -GOMULTIJOIN 1 +join
Save the file in Nolf2's base directory


Important: Choose "save as type: All Files (*.*)" and give it a name of your own choosing, I named mine connect_to_server.bat

Then run the connect_to_server.bat file to connect and the game will be launched.

Additional info

- Most nolf servers are running without the widescreen mod loaded, so you will need to disable this if you get a Cshell.dll error

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